Do Something!

Recently, I received an email from my daughter with an urgent prayer request.

Due to war in a particular country of the Middle East, the price of food has tripled. Another country has stopped the transport of goods and those inside the country are facing starvation and famine.

I wept when I read the email, then fell on my knees and prayed.

I’ll never forget my trip to Oxford. A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Westminster Abby and touring Parliament. Baroness Carolyn Cox was our guide.

We sat in the seats of famous men and parliamentarians like William Wilberforce who fought his entire life to abolish the slave trade in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. She led us to a room where we were provided lunch and treated like royalty. Afterwards, she spoke of her work in Africa. She showed slides where entire villages were wiped out by the AIDS epidemic, children were left orphans and we saw places where an entire generation of men ages twenty to forty where nearly nonexistent. Though many humanitarian organizations attempted to meet their needs, corruption, guerrilla warfare and terrorism kept the much needed food, medicine, and supplies from arriving to their destination.

To ensure that the recipients received their intended goods, Baroness Cox traveled with the supplies to the villages of Africa with armed guards.

A hush fell over the room as we watched picture after picture pass on the screen before us. Seeing the vacant eyes of children, the dead rounded up and burned in heaps, women who survived the AIDS epidemic standing in the doorway of huts with hopelessness in their eyes, as loved ones were starving to death was more than we could handle.

The room was dark and throughout the room you could hear the quiet sobs.

Baroness Cox flipped on the lights and shocked us all when she said, “Do not weep…do something!!!”

Her words have stirred in my heart since then.

I cannot go to Africa, but my daughter is going. And you know what I’m doing? I’m watching the kids so she and her husband can go and I’m also praying!! As I sit here writing, I remind myself that  prayers can go where we cannot. They can go behind prison doors, they can travel across the seas, and they can follow my daughter to Africa!! Our prayers can call upon the hand of Almighty God to protect, provide and heal.

I’ve also noticed something else that happens when we pray. Something happens to me.

In prayer, I turn my face to the One who holds all power in His hands. As I press in closer and closer to Him, it is though I begin to hear His heartbeat and He impresses upon my heart… and on ours, what is on His.

I write this, because it is hard for me to stay home. I want to be boots on the ground!!

It is hard to read about the suffering in the world and not want to get on a plane and stamp out corruption, bring medicine for the sick, feed the hungry and share the hope of the gospel.

I cannot go. But I am reminded as I sit here, that God has parceled out His heart to His people to cover the needs of those suffering in the world, not only overseas… but right here in our own neighborhoods.  I am to do my part, and as God moves my heart to feel compassion, I am to act as I am able… whether it is to give, pray or to enable those who can go.

It is the time of the year, when our mailboxes begin to fill with the needs and suffering of the world. As we see the hurting around us, let us draw near to God, so we can hear His heartbeat…and not just weep, but DO something!



The Clock

A couple of years ago, I bought a chime clock from an estate sale. It chimed on the hour and each hour had its own melody.

What I particularly liked about this clock was that it was five minutes off!! Yep, it would chime five minutes after the hour. It was peculiar and late…just like…some people, I know. And no one is mentioning names!! Ha!!! But alas, the clock got knocked off the wall and sat on my front room floor in pieces.

I thought I would never find another clock until months later when I thought I would check Craigslist. Lo and behold, there was a clock just like my clock!!!

I gathered up my pennies and drove all the way out to a nearby town and picked it up. I couldn’t wait to put it up on my wall. Once I got it up, the only thing I noticed that was a bit different were these single chimes at the end of each melody. A bit annoying, but I was so tickled to find a similar clock that it wasn’t worth fussing over.

But then I noticed something odd, last night. After the clock sang its melody, there was only one chime!

What’s important to note, is that its been sitting on our wall for quite some time. Probably a month or so. Being the super sleuth that I am, it occurred to me that it may have something to do with the time. I walked into the front room to check the clock…and sure enough, it was 1 pm. I started laughing. You mean, it has taken me all this time to figure it out?!. If the Sherlock Holmes club gets wind of this, I may be kicked out. Ha!!!!!

Then it dawned on me. Isn’t this a bit like life?

When something annoying occurs or something that we can’t quite put into our nice neat box of faith, we want answers and we want it now. What I have seen over the years, is that sometimes it takes time. There is something to be said for the passage of time…as we continue to make sense of life and push what we know to be true, through life’s grid.

Come with me to the book of Luke.

The first time we’re introduced to Mary, she has a visit from an angel with an extraordinary message. The Bible tells us she is greatly troubled and kept “pondering”…what in the world does this mean? At this time, she is not yet married. Nine months later, she is still pondering. She delivers a baby boy and lays her baby in a feeding trough. Some nearby shepherds come breathlessly to the scene and with great excitement tell Mary and Joseph that the birth of their son was announced by a multitude of angels that suddenly appeared in the sky while they were watching their sheep.

Isn’t it interesting that the angels did not appear to Mary and Joseph?

The angels appeared to the shepherds and the shepherds told Mary and Joseph. And Mary, the Bible says, “treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Eight days later, there are two more unusual occurrences. A man and an old woman say incredible things about their newborn. Some things were hard to understand…”a light to the Gentiles, the glory of Israel. He will be a sign to be opposed and a sword will pierce your soul.”

Twelve years later, Mary is still thinking.

This time, the young Jesus lingers at the temple. When His mother scolds Him because they couldn’t find Him for three days, He tells her, “Why couldn’t you find Me? Didn’t you know that I would be in My Father’s house?”

Luke tells us, that His mother and father did not understand what He was talking about. But, we are told that Mary added these events and His words to her heart…and treasured them.

What a beautiful glimpse into the heart of Mary. Though, she did not understand all that God was doing, she treasured His words in her heart.

And sometimes, that’s where we are.

If you are going through a hard time or have gone through hard times…remember His words and treasure them in your heart!!! And like Mary… in God’s timing, it will all make sense.


“Why doesn’t anybody want to play MY games. Nobody ever wants to do what I want to do. You all are a bunch of party-poopers!!” The conversation continued, when the other party insisted. “That’s not true. We play Chess, Settler’s of Catan, and RISK.” “But I don’t like those games. I’m not good at it and who wants to loose all the time. And what’s wrong with family BINGO?!!” “Now, who’s the party-pooper?!” The other party demanded.

We both laughed. Yes, I am sorry to say this, but this was not a discussion between two children, but between my daughter and I as we anticipated our upcoming Thanksgiving vacation.

Every now and then, I go through the “mommy blues.”

It all began when all three of my children got married within 16 months of each other. I went through a bit of a “nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I guess I’ll go eat worms” syndrome. Moms are used to being the center of all activity while children are being raised. “Mom, when are we going to eat?” “Mom, do you know where my books are for school?” “Mom, so and so was mean today and I want to punch them in the face. And no, mom, I didn’t do it. Honest!”

There’s no break for motherhood. Once your first one shows up, it’s 24 seven.

I’ll never forget our pastor, many years ago…laughing and telling a story of how he and his four kids couldn’t find mom.

Only to come to realize that someone was in the bathroom and had locked the door. When they discovered it was their long lost mom, she yelled, “I’m not coming out!! I need a few minutes of peace and quiet…and I’m GOING to read through my stack of magazines.” We all laughed so hard, I think the pews began to shake.

“Just give me thirty minutes of peace and quiet!!” Does anyone remember those days?

For me, I would pick up a “few items” at the grocery store or head for Eckerds. I might stop at Ross on the way or just hang out at the grocery store flipping through magazines for an hour or two. That was way before Starbucks:-)

One time after my daughter got married, I was complaining. No, maybe that’s too strong of a word…I was “reflecting…” (a-hem!) on “why should I do all this fun stuff with my g’children, because they’ll just forget it all anyway!!” (Anyone hear violins in the background?!!) Yep, I actually said that. I was thinking my kids have forgotten me and all my blood, sweat and tears!! Surely, I will “slave” for my g’children and they will forget me as well. It seemed like the first few years of my kids marriages, I would remember all of our fun times together as a family and every time I would bring something up like, “remember when…” They would give me this dazed look like, “Really?!! Did we do that?!”

I felt unloved, forgotten and unappreciated!!

Then, my daughter said the sweetest thing. She said, “Mom, though we may not remember all the stuff you did…what you did and how you raised us has become a part of the very fiber of who we are!!”

I can’t even write this without a few tears:-)

Now, let’s fast forward about eight years to a conversation we had this morning. My sweet daughter reminded me that the very reason all the kids (TWENTY-FOUR, counting my sister’s six kids and their families) continue our family tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving, somewhere midway between Kansas City and Dallas…IS because they love us!!! It’s a sacrifice for them to gather up the kids, save their money and spend their vacation days with our family. My other daughter also reminded me recently, when I had the “mommy blues” not to compare myself to other families. Maybe my children don’t write poetry, design their own cards or throw elaborate surprise parties, but they do love us and they show their love in different ways!!

You know, I’m actually glad I had those conversations. I find myself needing to be reminded of the depth and breadth of love!! Sometimes, I look at others and want my life to look like theirs… and sometimes, I get so narrow in my thinking that I can’t see beyond the picture frame that I have created.

Living in close relationships has forced me to see through the eyes of others, and because of that I have grown. I have a sneaky suspicion that Someone knew that way back before He laid the foundation of the world!!

I love my family and am so blessed!!!! Now, if only I could get them to play a game of family BINGO:-)


The Book

I love being organized and everything having a place. I just don’t have time to do it! Ha!! So, I have this little closet where I toss things “until I can get to it, later.” Today, I just happened to go in there to locate a box that needed to be taken to the post office. While searching for the item, I found a book that I had ordered several months ago…”Hearing God in Conversation” by Samuel C. Williamson. It is a book on how to recognize God’s voice throughout the day.

What?! Wait a second!! That’s what we’re discussing in Bible study!! I bought this book BEFORE we started our Monday night study. It was as though the book was sitting right there on top of the box for me to find it.
Interestingly, while I was tidying up the house I had been mulling over some of the chapters in our Bible study. “What does it mean to hear God’s voice? How do I recognize it throughout the day and how can I be sure it is God speaking to me? And besides… why would He want to speak to me anyway?! I am not a Mother Teresa, a Corrie Ten Boom or a Priscilla Shirer!!”
Then, I found the book.
I read a few pages and tears streamed down my face.
Come with me to the beginning, not just the beginning of the book…but the beginning of all time. After God creates the heavens and the earth, He does something different, dramatically different  when He creates man. He doesn’t just speak the word and it is done, He gets personally involved!! He scoops up the dirt and forms man from the ground…draws near and breathes into him the breath of life! While the rest of the earth was not yet cultivated, He plants a spectacular garden that is pleasing to the eyes with delectable fruits and veggies hanging from its limbs. He…personally, picks up the man and places him in the garden.
Then, He speaks to the man.
God gives the man good things and tells him how to use them well. Like any good parent who can see further down the road than we can, He also warns him of danger, and tells him what not to do. In the midst of this beautiful story, we see that God WALKED AND TALKED in the garden with Adam and Eve!!!
Think with me for a moment. God is not only interested in our having good behavior and right thinking, He desires a relationship with us. When Jesus called His disciples, He said, “Come, follow Me!”  They immediately joined Him on the road and began to walk with God. This is the call of God to every believer!!
How often do we see in the Scriptures that God is a relational God?!
Mr. Williamson reminds us that the Scriptures are filled with metaphors describing God’s relationship with us. “We are his sheep, his friends, his children, and -breathtakingly intimate, his spouse. These are relational metaphors. And the essence of relationship is communication.”
Too often we have this narrow view of Christianity…limiting it to a philosophy class or a code of ethics, completely void of personal connection. We look at the Bible as though it were an auto repair manual instead of a personal love letter from God.
Our God wants conversation.
His sheep hear His voice and He calls them by name. (John 10:3)
Talk to me. Speak to me. Call to me…and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not yet known. (Jeremiah 33:3)
Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20)
When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for…whatever he hears he…will declare to you. (John 16:13)
Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. (Isaiah 30:21)
Whoever is of God hears the words of God. (John 8:47)
I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go, I will counsel you with my eye upon you. (Psalm 32:8)
How often we feel like we need to be spiritual giants to hear from God!! If you’re like me, I often feel like a spiritual midget. But God does not speak to us because we’re so great, He speaks to us because of His greatness!!!! For “we hold this treasure in earthen vessels to show that the surpassing power is from God and not from ourselves.” (2 Corinthians 4:7)
God is a relational God and wants us to know Him personally!! This requires talking, bearing our souls and listening, not just in church or in our quiet time…but in the daily stuff of life.
As mentioned earlier, the story begins in the garden with Adam and Even walking and talking with God. Later, In the gospels we see the resurrected Christ walking and talking with the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were going through difficult times, trying to understand the death of the Man they had been following. How could God bring something good out of something so terrible?!! The resurrected Christ knowing their questions, began with Moses and the prophets and explained to them the things concerning Himself in the Scriptures. After He had vanished from their sight, they said to one another, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32)
Jesus spoke to them in their confusion. They had a conversation. And where did they hear from God? On the road.

Garage Sale!

Okay, all you bargain hunters!!! We’re going to talk about garage sales. Anybody like to garage sale?!  My very first introduction came years ago, when we sold our first house. Since we did not have a home to move into, there were many things we needed to get rid of.  So, I set the prices low. How delighted I was when people stopped by and exclaimed, “Wow! What a deal!!” Watching their eyes light up was so much fun…UNTIL I counted the money. Ha!!!!! Since then, I have learned a thing or two.

A couple of weeks ago, my girls and I had a garage sale. Since both of the girls had recently moved, we all had garages full of things that did not find a place in their new homes, not to mention our own garage which has gradually filled up over the years.

So, early Saturday morning, and I mean early, we got up about 5:30 am to pull the stuff out and arrange them on tables. My husband carried the tables, my girls arranged the clothes and I set out the signs. Did I mention that we had ten children, nine and under? Just a minor detail, ha!!! But they too, needed to be tended. Once the signs were out, we picked up donuts, Starbucks and kolaches which is a family tradition, when it comes to hosting garage sales.

“Mimi, Mimi, can we sell lemonade? Mimi, can we sell cold water?? Mimi, where’s the ice and cups? Mimi, where’s the markers so we can make our signs??  “Mimi, Mimi…” Is anybody tracking with me? Ha!!! I realized, this is an opportunity to build character, not only in them…but in me as well:-)

So, the children had to wait! You know that wonderful word that we all love, until the adults got their work done.

Then, to the best of our ability in the midst of our mayhem, we attempted to establish some law and order. The kids made their signs and manned their station. The mommies took turns handling the garage sale, bagging up goodies and making change. G’pa took the little ones inside, played with them and watched a couple of Bible videos. And Mimi was the floater…changing diapers, taking little ones to the potty and rearranging “the goods” after a periodic rush of patrons.

When all was said and done, everybody had a job to do and because we all worked together the job got done!!!

What if we all wanted to handle the money and count the change? Then who would set out the goods? And what good is it to set everything set out, if there are no signs telling people where to come? And we all know that a garage sale is no fun if there’s no hot coffee and donuts!!

A successful garage sale depends on the work being distributed and everyone doing their part.

And you know what, it is actually fun!! There’s something about coming together and working for a common cause.

In the last couple of weeks, I attended two conferences. One for the biblical design of women and the home. The other, for pastors and church leaders on our responsibility of passing on the faith.

I came home with my mind and heart full of all there is to do in the world. Then I picked up the paper, read some magazines, caught up on emails and missionary correspondence. This does not include catching up on the needs of people in my family and in my church. I often become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.

Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes, it is actually paralyzing.

Then it occurred to me…this is God’s world and He parcels out His heart to accomplish His purposes!!!! Much like my girls and I do when having a garage sale!!!

God loves those in Africa, the people at our work, our next door neighbor, the students in the high schools and universities, the children, the elderly in nursing homes, the immigrants and refugees, and the list goes on. Not to mention, the children and family members right underneath our own noses.

So, what does God do?

He gives each of us a piece of His own heart to accomplish His work!!

Paul reminds us of this in 1 Corinthians. ” What if the whole body were an eye? Then where would the hearing be? And what if the foot said to the hand, look at how important I am!! I have places to go and things to do and I am not a part of you.” The Scriptures tell us that God “…has placed the members, EACH one of them, in the body as He desires. Therefore the eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you!!”

EACH member of the body is necessary and ALL the members need to work together for the glory of God.

“For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13

God has a work for you to do and He has a work for me to do. This work we are called to do is for the good and pleases our Heavenly Father. The question is, what part of God’s heart has been given to you and what part has been given to me? Whatever that may be, we are called to do it together…in our homes, our workplaces, and in our churches and communities for the glory of God!!

May God find us faithful!!

The Hummingbird

Outside my daughter’s back patio is a hummingbird feeder. Last Friday, we sat playing with the kids and saw two hummingbirds stopping by to sip on some sweet “nectar.” When their wings flutter, they flutter so fast, that all you can see is a blur as they hover over the feeder. Between us and them was a sliding glass door. While watching them flit here and there, she happened to mention that a few days ago while she and her hubby were outside, the hummingbirds hovered over them and they could hear the “hum” of their wings.

“Mom,” she said, “have you ever heard them “hum?”

“Matter of fact, I don’t think, I have,” I said, “Every time I’ve seen them, it’s been through a window.”

So, I grabbed Naomi’s hand, the eldest of the four kidos and headed out the door. My g’daughter and I sat on the outdoor step as quietly as we could, waiting for a hummingbird to appear. Now mind you, that’s a bit of a challenge for a seven-year old that’s full of energy. But we spoke in hushed tones and kept as still as we could. After a few brief moments, my daughter poked her head out the door and said, “I’m praying that God sends you a hummingbird.”

I smiled. Oh course, why not?! He who commands the seas to be quiet and stills the storm, can send a hummingbird.

Sure enough, we not only had one hummingbird…but three that came to the feeder. And one who hovered over us, so we could hear the “hum” of his wings.

Today, we were reminded in our pastor’s sermon that God has given ALL authority to His Son. All authority in heaven and earth are given to Him.

You might ask, what gives God the right to give that authority? Simply put, He has the right because He’s the Creator and everything that is seen and unseen exists because He made it and sustains it!!

He is the potter and we are the clay.

For nine and a half months, I have carried a burden to pray for a young man with stomach cancer. Nabeel Qureshi is the author of the best-selling book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.” He has made a profound world-wide impact as he has shared his powerful story of conversion from Islam to Christianity. I was drawn into his story and found myself caring deeply for him and his family. The questions began to fly? How could God let him get cancer? Why Nabeel? Why not some terrorist or drug dealer? Or maybe…God intends to heal him and show a watching world that He is the true God. Right?!!!

So, I wrestled with the Almighty as I carried my burden and my prayers to His throne.

And then the LORD reminded me…

We are living in the middle of a “book” that is still being written!! The last chapter has yet to be penned. How can we know the full extent of an event or idea until we see its end?! Who alone, sees the end?!!!

It is, I,..the I AM, the Alpha and Omega, the LORD of hosts and the King of Kings. I am the Creator, says the LORD, who laid the foundations of the earth and stretched out the heavens. Let me ask you, can you ride the wings of the dawn? Do you know how the hawk flies or how wisdom is put in the hearts of mountain goats, lions and bears to care for their young? Do you have an arm like God? Can you thunder with a voice as His?

And so, like Job, I put my hand to my mouth. Who am I to contend with the Almighty?!!

On Friday, my Heavenly Father sent a hummingbird…on Saturday, He carried a loved one HOME!!

As our pastor often reminds us, He is God and we are not.

I have given Him the pen and I cannot wait to see how the story ends!! I will not read the end of the story here. But one day when the last chapter is written and the final punctuation mark is put in place, all the pain and suffering that has gone before will seem but a flash…a moment, compared to the eternal weight of glory that awaits those who put their hope in Him.

The Net

It had been a long night and Peter was done. Finis…finished, done! Time to wash the nets and go home. Peter and his companions were tired, and no doubt, a bit discouraged. They had fished all night and caught nothing. Can you identify? LORD, I’m tired. I’ve been at this for so long, I can’t even see straight. I’ve worked hard, but no matter what I do…I see no success. I’m done. I’m “washing my nets” and going home.

Then Jesus appears.

He gets into their boat and has the audacity to tell them how to fish. Peter argues with Him. “Master, this is OUR area of expertise. We’ve worked hard all night and have not caught one single fish! But… if You say so, we’ll grab our nets and try again.”

What do you think Peter was thinking? “I’ll do it, but it’s not going to work!” Or maybe, “Letting down my net? That’s so mundane. Don’t you have something more important for me to do? And besides, I’ve been up all night and I’m tired!!”

Yet…Peter obeys. “If this command is from You, LORD, and You really want me to do it. I will.”

He had no idea that this simple act of obedience would change his life.

You know the story. He let down the nets and caught so many fish that his nets began to break. He signaled to his partners in another boat to come and help and they did. As they filled their boats with fish…their boats began to sink. 

I think it’s interesting to note, that this is not Peter’s first encounter with Jesus. The first time he meets Jesus is through his brother Andrew who was a follower of John, the Baptist. He and another disciple were with John, when Jesus walked by. John looks at Jesus, points Him out and says, “Look at Him!! This is the Lamb of God.” When Andrew hears this, he follows Jesus and spends the rest of the day with Him. Sometime during the day, he goes and gets Peter and brings him to Jesus, declaring that they have found the Messiah!! (John 1:35-42)

In the gospels of Mark and Luke, we are told that when Jesus left Nazareth, He and their disciples made their home in Capernaum and lived with Peter and his family. It’s very likely that it was the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law that precipitated this event. After Jesus miraculously heals her of a high fever, she immediately gets up and serves them.  It may have been at her request, that Jesus and His disciples made her home, their home for a period of time. We see several times in the gospel of Mark that Jesus and the disciples often went back to “the house” for further discussion. It was at “home” that Jesus went into greater depth explaining His teachings and answering their questions. And when word got out that He could heal people, their home became a place where Jesus touched and healed many from their diseases and cast out demons.  (Mark 2:2; 7:17; 9:28 & 33; 10:10)

So much can be said here.
The home is often overlooked as a place of ministry. We see clearly, that Jesus ministered to others from his home! Our children may be off at school, but we mustn’t neglect teaching them at home and taking opportunity to answer the difficult questions. Even if we have no children at home, our homes can still be a place of ministry and hospitality. A place where we invite others in and serve them, providing opportunity for them to hear the word of God and see it in action, by how we live and treat one another.
Though Peter had witnessed many miracles in his own home, it was not the healings that got Peter’s attention. It was the fish!
That’s why I like the story of the fish.
Jesus knew exactly what would speak to the heart of Peter.
From the gospel of Luke, it appears that the miracle of the fish occurs AFTER the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law. I love to point out that the healing of his mother-in-law apparently did not impact him as much as a boatload of fish. Ha!!  Though there is some debate as to whether the incident happened before or after the healings in Capernaum, we do see that Jesus knows the heart of Peter and speaks to him through his work as a fisherman.
In the same way, God knows our hearts. He knows what we care about and speaks to us throughout the week; in our work, in our homes, and yes…even in fishing boats:-)
We also see Peter in process…growing in his understanding and level of commitment. I find much comfort in this.
After all these years, I would like to say that I am much further along. But I find the LORD still patiently working through the layers of my own heart.
He knows how to get my attention and what He does for me, may be different than what He does for you.
For Peter, it was the fish.
The LORD Jesus asked him to cast a net. Nothing big or earth shattering, but the command was clear.
When Peter saw the boatload of fish, he fell down at the feet of Jesus and cried, “Depart from me for I am a sinful man.” Somehow he knew that he had encountered the living God. His obedience in a little thing led him to the adventure of a lifetime!!
Oh dear, how many times have I found myself in a position like Peter, but chose not to respond in obedience?!
Liza TerKeurst in her book, “What Happens When Women Say YES to GOD.” reminds us that Peter had no clue that something “as mundane as lowering his net into the water would change his life..but it did.”
He obeyed, not understanding the full significance of his obedience.

This left me pondering, so much so…that I couldn’t go on to the next chapter. What “small” areas of my life, do I hear God’s promptings but refuse to yield?!

Is it possible, that I have missed many blessings because I have said, no? Do I argue with God, about what He says is important? Are there “nets” that I refuse to let down? 

This is my challenge for us this week.
Let’s agree with Him on what He says is important and obey Him even in the smallest areas, even if it seems insignificant. May God give us a heart like Peter’s. A willing heart that says, yes to God…even in the mundane!! And like Peter, may we encounter the Living God and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!!