Thanks G’Pa!

Does anyone remember Esther Williams of the 40’s? She was a famous swimmer who caught the eye of MGM while swimming alongside Johnny Weissmuller, an olympic gold medalist who later became Tarzan. Movies in those days were black and white. She started a new trend in the industry called “aqua musicals” which featured elaborate water performances with synchronized swimming.

By now you should be thinking of lovely ladies on water skis waving to the crowds as motor boats tow them alongside the beaches. Or if you’re more adventurous, how about a dolphin dive from the top of a waterfall into a beautiful clear lagoon.

If it were possible, I have no doubt that my mom would be a mermaid.

From as early as I can remember we swam in lakes, pools and oceans. I loved to watch my mom dive from the side of a pool and gracefully cut the water as she would swim to the other side. The only thing missing was the music.

There’s just something about the ability to be suspended in water that makes one feel weightless and graceful like a mermaid or a ballerina.

When I was about 8 years old, my grandfather took my little sis, my mom, and I to Florida for a summer vacation. I remember walking along the beach watching the waves come in and wash away my footprints. I also remember sitting on bleachers and watching lovely ladies and young men performing stunts, pyramids and waving on water skis behind speeding motor boats.

My mother was captivated and insisted on taking water skiing lessons. My g’father absolutely refused until she said, “I am a grown woman, I have my own money and I am taking lessons!”

Well that was the end of that. And sure enough, we saw my mom smiling and waving on water skis behind a speeding motor boat. Her grin was so large, I think you could see it from miles away!

My g’father never said a word.

The following summer we went to visit my g’father. After the usual hugs and unpacking, he told my mom that he had a surprise for her in the garage. So, we headed out into the backyard and walked past his tomato garden towards the garage. He opened the garage door and there right in front of us was a beautiful blue and white motor boat. He grinned, walked inside and pulled out some water skis.

From then on it was the Harwood tradition to head to Lake Effingham early in the morning…and I mean early, like 5:30 am, with fishing rods, charcoal, towels and swimsuits!!

Oh, I how I loved to have the wind blow my hair and feel the water splash on my face.

Then, I learned to water ski.

Oh my, how do I explain the sensation of water skiing?!! I think it might be like riding a motorcycle or a horse. It’s just you in the elements flying across the water!! Oh, how I loved it. My favorite time for boating would be at night, when the water would be dark and my g’pa would turn down the engine and we would coast softly and look up at the stars. We were out in the country, so the sky was black and the stars glittered like diamonds. What is it about the outdoors that makes you wonder…why do stars glitter and how do they hang in space with no strings attached? Why is water wet and so refreshing? How can there be so many different kinds of plants and trees, and how do the roots suck up the water that feeds them? And how in the world are there microscopic minerals in the ground that actually feed the plants and animals that we eat, that nourish us?!!!

Being outside gave me sense of wonder and prepared this little heart to one day meet the Creator.

My G’pa wasn’t big on talking. I’m not sure I ever remember him saying, “I love you.”

But I do remember sitting on his lap. I remember as I got older that he would listen and we would visit. One of his favorite sayings was, “your freedom ends where my nose begins.” It made sense to me:-) I remember him saying, who wants to go to the store with me? And of course, my sister and I would fight over who would get to go. Then, came the time when we got older and realized we’d rather just stay home, but knew he loved “the fuss.” So, we argued, put up a big fuss and took turns:-)

Do you know, it never occurred to me how much work it took to pull out the boat, hook it up to the trailer and crank it up the ramp. I never thought about how much effort it took to pull out all the charcoal, cooking supplies and clean those fish. To me it was all fun.

I guess, that’s part of the beauty of becoming an adult. We look back on those years with a different and fuller perspective. I hope I said, thank you. I’m sure I didn’t say it enough!!!

So, G’father…I am writing this letter to say, thank you. Thank you for getting that boat for mom. Thank you for buying bicycles for my sister and I, so we had something fun to do while you were at work. Thank you for all the times you took us out to dinner. To this day, I still love fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn! Thanks for all the chocolate shakes and french fries you bought us when we were teens.  Thanks for teaching me how to mow the lawn and fish.

You played an important role in my life…more than I knew at the time.

Come to think of it, my dear g’father may be much like my Heavenly Father. Playing a much more important role than I realize.

So here are a few things I’d like to share.

1.            Enjoy the relationships that God has given you.

2.            Look around you and take note of what others do on your behalf. It’s funny the little things we take for granted. Thank your husband for taking out the trash, for working and providing everyday. Thank your children for picking up their plates at meal times or working hard at school. Thank your parents or g’parents for their hard work and sometimes tough love. Give thanks, you’d be surprised how much better the whole world will look!!

3.            Look at the stars and the world around you. Be amazed, let it fill your heart with wonder and give thanks to the LORD for He has created all things!  Let it be a reminder of what is to come!!

Oh, and I just have to tell you…that the thrill of all thrills was the day we watched my g’father grinning and waving behind the boat on skis!!! I’m not sure whose smile was bigger, my moms or my g’father’s.

I miss you, G’pa. I wish you here so I could give you a hug!!! This letter will have to do.



My daughter, aka Joanna Gaines, is remodeling her kitchen. It has taken nine months of trial and error. But it is coming along beautifully. When she and her family moved in to this historical house built in the 1920’s, they knew they had their hands full. Need I mention that they have five children 9 and under:-) I hadn’t been down for a few weeks and decided to take a quiet trip to Hillsboro which is in the boonies about an hour and a half south of Dallas.

Now, for those of you who are asking “what is the boonies?” It is small town that still celebrates Independence Day with homemade floats and people throwing wrapped candy to children lined up and down the streets while parents sit in lawn chairs waving to the people on the floats… and calling them by name.

To this Chicago girl, this is the boonies!!

What is so funny, is once I got there I took the kids on a bike hike to the park. Mimi (that’s me) pushing a double stroller with Maranatha and Ishmael. Bebe, the baby or Maranatha is a fifteen months and Ishie is three. Judah rode a bike, Hudson Taylor rode a scooter and Lydia walked with me.

While the kids were playing in the playground, another family showed up with a g’daughter who just happened to be Hudson’s kindergarten class. We got to chatting and they mentioned how difficult it must be to live in Dallas. I asked how long they lived in Hillsboro and they said, “Oh no, we don’t live here…we live in the country.” Ahahahaha!!! And I thought Hillsboro was the boonies. I told them I was from Chicago and we all laughed.

During the course of visiting and keeping one eye on the kids, we would call out their names. Finally, they said to me…your g’children have interesting names. They are not the kind of names you hear very often.

So, I went through their names beginning with Maranatha which is a Greek word used in the New Testament which means “even so come LORD Jesus.” And pointed out that Judah who is the oldest boy was named after one of the twelve tribes of Israel and a descendant of Abraham, one of the leaders of the Jews. The youngest son is named after Ishmael who was also a son of Abraham, who ended up being the head of the Arab nations. I explained that my daughter and her husband picked those names, so that their children and family might be a living demonstration to those around them that God loves the whole world!

It wasn’t long after that the discussion turned to God and faith in Jesus Christ. Soon, my daughter and son-in-law showed up with dog in tow, and together we enjoyed a sweet conversation about our children and the LORD which led to my daughter inviting them to church.

This morning, I picked up a book I was reading and flipped through the pages. I found a note I had written in the margin about a friend who is suffering from cancer.

“Praying for (my friend) who is diagnosed with….cancer. O LORD, they have tasted the manna from heaven. Please show the world by healing them that you are the bread of heaven and give life to all who believe.”

I fell on my face and began to pray for my friends calling on the names of God.

Remembering all the while, as our pastor so often reminds us…that God is God and I am not. Yet, knowing that He desires my intercession and that the LORD Jesus, Himself, intercedes for us!!

So, I prayed reflecting on the names of God.

Manna – O LORD, You are the bread of life. “For the bread of God is He that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. Jesus you said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to Me shall not hunger and whoever believes in Me shall never thirst.” John 6:33 & 35

Water – LORD Jesus, You said, that You are the Living Water. In Jeremiah you tell us that  “Your people have committed two evils; they have forsaken You, the fountain of living waters and have hewn out for themselves cisterns that can hold no water.”  In the Gospels, You tell us of a woman that You met at a well. You told her that if she knew who You were, she would be asking YOU for a drink of Living Water instead of filling her “pot” with water that will never satisfy.

The prophet Zechariah, also tells us that we are looking forward to a day when living water will flow out of Jerusalem!!!

Yes, He who created life is still the giver of life and will be throughout eternity!!!!

We are confident that those who know the LORD Jesus as their Savior and believe that His blood has covered their sins have eternal life!! We know the hope that is to come!!!  But there is also a sense in which we can taste the Living Water even NOW and know Him who quenches our thirst and satisfies our deepest hungers TODAY.

We are able to draw upon His life as fruit draws life from the vine by abiding in God’s  word, trusting what He says and walking in the truth!

There is a time to be still and wait upon God. To come into His presence and lift our pitchers and ask Him to fill it. To spend time in His word changing old patterns of thinking and replacing it with the truth. Then, there is a time to get up and walk in that  truth!!  All the while remembering who God is and pushing our theology through our disappointments, our joys, our relationships and our suffering.

Living Water, Bread of Heaven, Shepherd, Comforter, Healer, Immanuel, Almighty God, Jehovah-Jirah…the LORD will provide, Jehovah-Shalom…the LORD is our peace, Counselor, Alpha and Omega, Creator and Deliverer. All of these are names of God. Each give us a glimpse into the heart and ways of God.

Let’s take time to reflect on the names of God and find comfort and hope in our present circumstances whatever they may be. May God teach us how to drink from the Living Water and taste the goodness of God in the land of the living.

For even David, the shepherd, warrior and king… prayed this prayer.

“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:13-14

How can I ever forget a two-day canoe trip through the lakes of Indiana at the age of twelve?  I had just finished a Red Cross course on canoeing, learned all my strokes and packed my bags for sleeping out under the stars. I was younger than most of the girls, so that meant I didn’t get to choose the bow or the stern. I was also the least experienced, which meant I got the bow. If you know anything about canoeing, it’s the bow that provides most of the power and it’s the stern that steers and directs the canoe. I can tell you one thing, when these little twelve-year old arms paddled through four lakes, I thought I couldn’t go on anymore, I just couldn’t make it. Guess what?! I found I could. Something happened to me that day, I learned I could do more than I ever thought I could. 

The old adage…”when the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” became a reality to this little girl and I wore that saying like a badge of honor!

Growing up in the projects of Chicago actually gave me ample opportunities. In our neighborhood was a Boys Club that offered classes, contests and a summer camp. If I wanted to go to the girls’ camp I could go, but my mom said, I had to earn my way. So, I rolled up my sleeves, signed up and began to sell cookies door to door. In those days, they were fifty cents a box. I don’t remember how many cases I had to sell, but I did it and earned enough money to pay my way to summer camp for two years!!! 

At camp I earned Red Cross certificates in swimming, archery, and canoeing. I also learned how to raise and lower the American flag, help others in cleaning up the cabin, participate in cleaning up our table after meals and to eat at least one bite of everything put on the table. I particularly remember this because there were some foods that I was not particularly fond of…but I quickly learned that I would not die if I ate them. Ha!!!! Another thing that I absolutely loved were the songs. We sang songs around a campfire and made s’mores, we sang songs in the kitchen after meals, and we sang songs on the bus to and from camp. This crazy girl even took those songs to school during the year and started a singing group behind the baseball diamond in the school play ground!! Oh yeah, I was a part of the “cool group.”Hahahaha!!! We sang songs about Jacob’s Ladder, the Titanic, Noah’s ark and crazy songs like…Boom, boom ain’t it great to be crazy?!!  Complete with hand motions!!! I loved it! 

Camp was a lot of fun and I have great memories. But in order for them to offer all our classes and activities, they had to run a tight ship and a tight schedule. There was a sense in which “routine” was necessary. Simple things like making my bed, helping to sweep my cabin and cleaning up my place at the table was routine and had to be done daily. If I did not cooperate, my whole cabin suffered. So, we learned to work together and do our part.

I remember fussing a couple of times…not out loud, of course, but to myself. “Why do I have to do archery right now?!! I would rather swim. Why can’t I just sit and relax? Why do I have to do anything at all?!”

If you all ever listen to Dennis Prager, there is this story he loves to tell. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but laugh…it is so me, and a lesson I continually have to apply to this day. 

He was in the fourth of fifth grade and his teacher, who was a Rabbi, told the class it was time for prayer. Dennis raised his hand and said, “Rabbi, I don’t feel like praying right now.” He said, there was this pause, then the Rabbi said, (imagine this with a Jewish New York accent) “Dennis Prager doesn’t feel like praying right now. (another pause) So, what?!!” Then they all prayed. He learned something that day, it didn’t really matter what he felt like, some things just have to be done.

I look back at my camping experience and there was something invaluable that I learned. I learned the discipline of routine. Yes, it gets boring sometimes, and yes, I’d love to sit and relax by the pool or yack on the phone for hours, shop or do anything else but what has to be done. 

I don’t know about you, but I also have this little voice in me that sometimes says, “Go ahead, you don’t have to do this right now. Do it later. Besides it’s all for a good cause!” 

Homeschooling my children, having a hubby who is self-employed…and now, thirteen g’children and a mother nearby, it became easy for me to be at the whim of every need and for my life to be in a state of constant flux.

Inside of me, I have this battle…

One part of me says, “Yes!!! Give me the dramatic moments…let me serve overseas, start an orphanage, or be the next Billy Graham.” The other part of me, often the quieter voice, says, “be faithful in the small things. Serve God in the routine and fill your home with love.” 

Oh how easy it is to be sidetracked by the dramatic and neglect to see that there is beauty and discipline in the routine!!

I think, what makes the routine so difficult is that we don’t see results in a timely fashion. It takes years of daily practice and exercise to become a concert pianist or olympic champion. This is also true for the Christian, the mom, or any person who desires to be a person of character and strength. 

As the LORD so often will do, He tenderly prods and pokes me just when I need it. The God of the universe is my Teacher. How cool is that?!! And He is also yours!! Don’t you just love it?! He’s our loving Father, gives counsel and He’s our Friend!!!

So, if you happen to hear the Hallelujah Chorus faintly in the background, it may be the angels singing and elbowing each other while saying, “well, look down there…is that Bobbie Keith?!! Is she cooking, cleaning and finding joy in her routine?!! Hallelujah!!!

As Oswald Chambers has said, “Walking on water is easy to impulsive pluck, but walking on dry land as a disciple of Christ is a different thing…it requires the supernatural grace of God to live twenty-four hours every day as a saint, to go through drudgery as a disciple, to live an ordinary, unobserved, ignored existence as a disciple of Jesus. It is inbred in us that we have to do exceptional things for God; but we do not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things, to be holy in mean streets, among mean people, and this is not learned in five minutes.”

Okay, LORD, here I am. Help me to see You and find joy in the beauty and discipline of the routine.

Prayers ’n blessings, 

My mother was twenty years old when I was born! While many today are still in college hanging out with their buddies or pursuing career goals, my mom had me. I never once felt like I had interrupted her plans or in some way I was an inconvenience to her. She was my first friend and my first teacher.

She introduced me to the world and it was through her eyes that I saw it.

I quickly learned that there was a right and wrong. My first memory of being disciplined was when I was a toddler. I was supposed to be taking a nap on my mom’s bed, but noticed a bright red little bottle on her dresser. Somehow I managed to open it up and discovered it was like paint and you could decorate the room with red anywhere you wanted. So, what do you think I did? I painted the bedding and the dresser with my mom’s beautiful red nail polish. How fun and pretty it looked!! How shocked I was when my mom opened the door and did not think it was pretty at all. Not only was she not pleased with the red decorations, she was upset that I had disobeyed her by not staying in bed.

She did not see the situation the way I saw it!! And this little girl was beginning to see the world through grown-up eyes.

She reminded me of the rules and then gave me some rags to clean it up. I was overwhelmed with the task and learned quickly that a few minutes of fun is not worth it, if you have to clean it up!

Back in those days money was tight, so my mom made our clothes. On my first day of school, she made a matching outfit for me and my Tiny Tears doll. The dress was light brown and turquoise with puffed sleeves and a gathered skirt. I also remember a red plaid pleated skirt with suspenders. I loved to twirl in the back of the school room to see how far out it would go:-) And yes, she also made one for my Tiny Tears.

She painted a mural on our kitchen wall, grew grapes in the back yard, and made jelly. She also grew rhubarb and made the best rhubarb pie!! She took art classes at the Chicago Art Institute and loved to enter art shows when she could. How proud we all were when we would view her artwork and see her ribbons.

My mom made things beautiful and I saw beauty through her eyes. Not just in paintings or doll clothes, but I also in the world around me.

When she was in high school, she wrote a composition on what she wanted to do when she grew up. She wanted to travel…and that she did!

After a difficult marriage, she ended up raising my sister and I in the projects of Chicago. By this time she was in her twenties. She put us on a tight budget. Which meant eating a lot of macaroni and cheese. It took her two years to save enough money for us to travel to Disneyland by Greyhound Bus!!!! But, by golly, we did it!! We stopped to see the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, and went through as many states as we could and were sure to put our feet in any new body of water. Eventually, we put our feet in all five Great Lakes, as well as the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Through her eyes, I learned to see the beauty of God’s creation, the majestic mountains, the power of the oceans, and the mystery of furry little animals that scurry about building their homes and caring for their young.

Not long after my sister and I were married, she looked at us with that glint in her eye. “Now,” she said, “it is time for me to travel to all the continents.” She posed the question. “Where do you think I am going first?” No doubt in my mind, surely it was Europe. Nope. My sister and I went through all the likely continents until we finally came to the last one. Antarctica?!! Why would anyone want to go there? She smiled. “I want to see the penguins in their natural habitat.”

My sister and I burst out laughing. Of course, that’s mom!

Though, I have no idea of the total impact my mother has made on me, I know God picked her for me. He knew what this scrappy little girl needed!!

Looking back, I realize that not everything I leaned came through big things or cataclysmic events. Being a mom is hard work and it is long work. It is not a project that you can whip up in a month or two and be done. It takes years of work!!! Much of what we do is routine, unseen, and often goes unthanked. One of the things I learned through just watching my mom was how she responded to life. She never complained about being deaf or having a failed marriage. She did not complain about living in the projects or bemoan that we were poor. I just figured we probably were because we lived in the projects while many of our friends lived in homes and had cars.

Instead, what I saw was a real live, everyday person…get up everyday and go to work. Who made the best of things and did not let circumstances like her deafness, having no car or phone become the reason she could not pursue her life’s dream of travel. She loves God’s creation and passed her passion on to me. More importantly, she gave us limits. We knew there was a right and wrong, we also knew there were consequences for our choices. No more painting with red fingernail polish!!

For you moms, who are still in the trenches…hang in there. Remember your mom and draw upon the wisdom and strength of God. Be faithful in the mundane. For there are no “ordinary people or ordinary things.” For the world around us, including our little munchkins are expressions of the creativity of God. As C.S. Lewis says in his Letters to Malcolm, “A row of cabbages, a farmyard cat, a wrinkled motherly face, a tiled roof, a single sentence in a book…each can be seen as a tiny revelation of God as Creator. Just as fragments of sunlight break through dark wood, so parts of creation seen for what they are act as patches of Godlight in the world.”

Let’s take this time to remember our moms and what we have learned from them.

For those who are no longer mommies or never have been a mom, we are given the opportunity to be spiritual moms. May we create holes in our earthly existence through which little or big eyes can view God. May God give us grace to be “patches of Godlight” through which others can see God!! Remember the words of Mother Teresa, “I don’t do big things, I do small things with big love.”

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Busy Days!

Over the next week, I have a few articles I would like to post every other day or so before returning to a weekly schedule. Each one contains a bit of my heart and a slice of life. A few of these were written before Easter as I sat and pondered the meaning of the death and resurrection of Christ.

I hope you are as blessed and encouraged as I am…in seeing God in the mess ‘n mundane of life!

Just came back from North Park Mall with my daughter and her FIVE children! We were walking out of Nordstrom’s when two very finely dressed women were watching us. You could see that they were mentally counting heads. I couldn’t resist, I looked at them and said, “There’s more” and shouted behind me…”Hey all, we’re about out the door, hurry up!!!” Then, grinned and we all burst out laughing.

One thing can be said for having multiple children, no matter where you go…you bring the party with you!! Ha!!!

For those of you in the Sunday morning Women of the Word class, bear with me as I couldn’t resist sharing a bit of our recent lesson. It is so pertinent to where we are today. It is so easy to be crazy busy!! Whether we are juggling children, keeping up with school schedules or meeting the demands of work and family…there is always more to do.

How do we handle the pressure and demands of the day?

If we open our Bibles and look at the first chapter of Mark, we get a glimpse of a day in the life of Jesus. It was the Sabbath. Jesus went to church (synagogue) as was His custom and taught. While there, an unruly man starts shouting and interrupts the service. It turns out the man is demon-possessed. Right in front of everyone, Jesus casts out the demon as the man lies writhing and convulsing on the floor. Not your typical Sabbath. Word begins to spread about this new Rabbi, who is different and teaches with power and authority.

Immediately after leaving the service, Jesus gets the news that He is needed at Peter’s house. His mother-in-law is sick. So, He immediately goes to the house and heals her!!

Just as the sun is setting, and the rest of us would be putting up our feet after a long hard day…we find that the news of this new Rabbi gets around.

The Bible says, the whole city is at the door!!!

And our beloved LORD, filled with compassion begins to heal them all!!! How long do you think it took to listen to those who brought their loved ones and heal those who shared their stories of pain and suffering? What do you think the disciples saw and witnessed??

No doubt, this took a few hours and went well into the evening. How does Jesus handle this crazy schedule? And the fact, that everyone was clamoring for His attention…a touch of His robe, a listening ear, a healing touch??

Mark tells us that “early the next morning while it was still dark, Jesus went to a lonely place to pray.”

Prayer was His lifeline to the Father enabling Him to stay in intimate, unbroken fellowship so that He might fulfill the Father’s will. It helped Him to establish His priorities. For the Scriptures tell us that “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16)

Like Jesus, prayer enables us to hear God’s voice, draw upon His strength, and align our priorities with His.

Oh LORD, we long to be gracious women who calmly and joyfully handle the demands of the day. This is not easy, we need You!! Thanks for the transforming power of the gospel and the hope of the resurrection.


Time for Coffee!!

A few years ago, I started this Coffee Break with a desire to journey and do life together. For me, it’s an opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and see God in the mess ‘n mundane of my life. Since then my family has grown… and so has my heart:-) You may shed a few tears and laugh a little; but more importantly, I hope you walk away blessed and encouraged!

So sit back, and grab that cup of coffee. I’d love to hear from you!!

The Power of Prayer

Hey all,

It is a beautiful day here in Dallas!! I can’t wait to run outside and enjoy the sun and cool breeze.  I have my list made out for the day and am hoping to run to a store at the mall and pick up a free gift to the first 50 who stop by the store.

So…If you see a flash of lightning, that may be me trying to get to the mall. Ha!!

In our Sunday morning women’s class, we started a new section on prayer. Last week’s topic was on how prayer can help in turning our fears into faith.

This is a summary of what we talked about. When I read it, I am encouraged. I hope you are, too!!

Last week, we took some time to share our legacy of prayer. Though not all of us grew up in Christian homes many were impacted by those around us who prayed. I shared a story of my mom who prayed for protection over my sister and I when we moved into the projects of Chicago. As a young single mom, she had to work and was afraid for us, so she prayed that God would watch over us when she could not.

As I look back over those years, I can see evidence of a God who answers prayer!!!

Psalm 34 is a beautiful song of praise to God. In this psalm David recounts how God delivered him from all his fears.

“I sought the LORD and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (v.4)

The story behind this psalm is the story of when David ran from the King once it was confirmed that Saul had intentions of killing him. He took off in fear without food and weapons and hid in the land of his enemies, the land of Gath. He had hoped to hide there in anonymity, but it was soon discovered that David who killed Goliath and thousands of Philistines was hiding in their midst. Surely the people of Gath would seek their revenge. When word got out, David felt as though he had fled into a trap and there was no escape. His only escape was to act as though he were mad, and therefore posed no threat! David was chased out of Gath by the people and delivered by God from their hands!

“This poor man,” David writes,” had cried and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.” (v.6)

This is the testimony of David. He cried out to God in his fear and took his fearful thoughts and turned them into prayers.

“O taste and see that the LORD is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

This is our challenge, to take our needy moments and turn them into prayers.

LORD, your word says that a person is blessed who puts their hope in you, and to those who fear You, there is no want. (v.8-9) Help us in transforming our fears into prayers of faith. Help us in seeking you in the midst of our troubles, so that we can boldly say…”The LORD has delivered me. Praise His wonderful name and let us exalt His name together.” (v.3)

For those in the area, I hope to see you in the morning. For those who are not…be encouraged, our God is greater than all our fears!!